Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sorry for long wait

Very sorry to everyone who still reads this that it took me so long to post. I have had so much schoolwork, and I just finished a project that will be 12.5% of my overall grade for a class I'm taking, so I was working overtime to complete that. Anyway, I should be able to start posting again, unless another project like that comes up. (ugh!)

In the time I have been able to get in to play, I beat Big Ben with my Level 22 little brother. It was actually much easier than I thought it would be, and we completed it in 1:06 minutes. My mom was getting annoyed at me and wanted me to get off, so I wasn't even able to turn in the quest before I had to get off. I also finished Stray Cat Strut, and got the exp and training point. Anyone have any idea what I should do with it? I already have the elemental blades and traps, so I won't need it for those. I thinking for my tertiary school to be Death, and I can get exactly up to Feint with all the rest of the Training Points in game that I haven't gotten. What do all my readers think? Comment with your opinions. I got to level 36 by getting into Mooshu and doing quite a few quests, and I'm working on Hametsu Village right now.

Friendly made me a card!

Everyone seemed to love my advice. Thanks Friendly! He made the post about 15 minutes before I looked at his blog, so I was the first Storm person to ask. It's funny to think that somewhere, out there wherever friendly lives, there is a Connor Shadowstalker Wizard101 card... Thanks again Friendly!

Enjoy your monster killing!


  1. Well, my plan for each of my characters is to keep all training points from Find The... quests. That way, once all secondary spells are mastered, they have the training points they need to get their third schools off to a good start. This is what I did as well.

  2. Make sure you have reshuffle first. It is a total life saver. Or you could consider training ice to tower shield.

  3. Reshuffle! I can't believe I forgot about that! I just won't get the last life spell and get Reshuffle instead.