Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Sorry folks, but it looks like my schedule is too busy to get off a post everyday. Sigh. Oh well. (There it is again!)

Anyway, on Sunday when I got my playing time, I went to go help my friend with Counterweight East so he could help me with West and Big Ben and wouldn't have to do them over again. We died in the middle of a run that took us 30 minutes. After another 30 minutes, we went through again and beat it. But I only am supposed to get an hour, and I had to plead with my mom to keep playing. After that, we tried West. In the middle of a 45 minute run, my friend had to get off, and I was left alone to face Bellows and his minions. I was trying to do it quickly, while my friend was still on because he had just left the game up, so he would get credit for beating it to. Well, I was down to 33 experience, and I was about to cast a Pixie, and if Bellows had fizzled, I most likely would have won. He didn't fizzle. URGH! So, my playing time was spent...doing nothing and getting nowhere except helping my friend who could have done it with someone else. Now, William Dragonthorn, (who was the friend) I'm not mad at you, I'm just annoyed that I didn't get anywhere storywise. Actually, I didn't get anywhere anywise. But that's not the point. Oh, I'll just drop it...

On Monday I got sick and I got a free day of playing! HOORAY! Of course, that was the time when none of my friends chose to be on...urk... I know, I know, school. So I wasn't able to do Counterweight East, but I did finish up a lot of side quests and dinged 34! WOOT! ONLY 16 MORE TILL GRAND! I still haven't been able to use Centaur yet from my secondary school, but I don't plan to. At least, not very much. Here's a few pics:

Me getting Trolled. (lol) Is it just me, or does that Troll look exceptionally weird?

Highest damage I have ever done with a Tempest! This was a Myth boss with a Stormblade, Dragonblade, Storm Trap, Windstorm, and 9 pips. Woulda done more too without a pesky Spirit Armor. Stinkin minions... I'll need to add Darkwind to that equation sometime.

Enjoy your monster killing!

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  1. Sorry! I pleaded with my Mom to let me stay home and finish with you, but she wouldn't let me. By the way, now I'm sick. Bleh.
    -William Dragonthorn